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Evergreen content: How to have a successful blog without creating (almost) content


Create evergreen content and you will not have to create content anymore

The creation of content is one of the most important steps of digital marketing, it can be said that it is a fundamental pillar of it. Without content there are no possibilities of attraction, without attraction there is no conversion and without conversion there will be no customer loyalty, in short: without content there are no sales.

That is why we must pay special attention to content marketing since it will guarantee good results to the same extent in which we are committed to its principles.

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There are different types of content, among which the timeless content stands out. This is a content whose relevance is not subject to fashions or temporary events, but is considered evergreen. It is a content that can be recycled and used again and again, because it does not lose its validity despite the passage of time.

Creating evergreen content must be one of the objectives of the content marketing team as it fulfills a special function. So that you know the main and basic steps to create lasting content, we have prepared this post, which will serve as a map for the creation of the contents for your business blog, take note.

Create a plan or editorial calendar

Without a plan nothing works. Every marketing strategy needs a plan, which in the case of content marketing could also be an editorial calendar. This step will allow you to define very well the durable publications that you want to do and establish a date for each one, so that you have a good stipulated time to do research on the subject and be able to write valuable content.

Above all, avoid copying and pasting

Do not copy content from other blogs or from your own site in new content. For a content to be durable, it must be original and unique, since this property will give durability to the information.

Study the most popular topics related to your target audience

You should know what are the popular topics among your audience, which are the most read. That way you can create your original versions regarding those topics. A tool that will be quite useful is BuzzSumo, because it will allow you to analyze the content of other web pages that have been popular and those that have been most shared on social networks.

Do not limit yourself to a format

The durable contents can be varied in their formats. That is, you do not have to follow a pattern to make your content relevant in time. This is how you can experiment with tutorials, content type questions and answers, interviews, long articles, definitions, infographics, ebooks and you can even combine some of these formats.

Avoid publications whose content is not substantial

If you want your content to be durable, you must say something substantial. It must generate interest, question, lead to reflection, must be practical, must offer a solution to users. A content whose title offers advice to create lasting content, but that does not speak at all about those tips but only gives you the importance of that type of content, it may not be interesting for the audience that has been attracted by the content title.

That’s why you should pay special attention to the content of your articles. If you are publishing articles that do not lead anywhere, that do not offer solutions, then you are not creating evergreen content, but you are only making occasional content. If your goal is positioning, it may be enough to use the keywords and create a medium interest content. But if you want it to be durable, then you must strive to deliver valuable information.

Think useful content and you’ll have durable content

If you go to the market and buy a disposable tool, you know you will use it only once. Sometimes it is what matters to us, to leave an emergency so it will not bother us. But when you want a tool to carry it always in the car, for example, in case of an emergency that may recur recurrently, then we look for a tool that is durable, that is useful and that gets us out of trouble at any time. In the same way the content works, if we want the users to have our content at all times, or that content can be recycled without losing validity, then we must create it thinking in terms of its usefulness, only in this way we will make sure that it is durable.

These are the tips we give you to create lasting content. We hope you put them into practice, because we are sure that they will work for you. You can go back to this article to review each step as many times as you wish.


8 February, 2018

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