12 Popular Companies Share their Campaign Conversion Success Stories

12 popular B2B companies show how they dramatically increased the conversion of their campaigns using the new content paths.

Companies of all sizes and industries show the impact of content paths in campaign conversion, engagement, and sales cycle.

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The “Netflix experience” reaches B2B: personalized content journey

Netflix has changed the B2C content experience... and the B2B too! Customers expect now to find a high degree of personalization in their emails, landing pages and content experiences.

See a quick and easy way to implement personalization at scale.

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B2B company multiplied by 7 the conversion of landing pages and emails

The average conversion rate of B2B campaigns is lower than ever. What can you do to increase the conversion rate of your campaigns?

Personalization is the answer, and content paths are the technique to apply it into your campaigns.

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Secrets of the best ABM Campaign Ever - The Snowflake Case Study

What are the secrets behind the ABM Campaigns of Snowflake, the B2B company that achieved the highest IPO ever?

Learn how Snowflake boosted the conversion rates of their ABM Campaigns when they started using the new content paths.

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