Use Cases

Content Marketing

The forMarketer platform boosts the performance of your Content Marketing helping you to:

Define your content strategy, plan, buyer persona, buyer’s journey, campaigns and editorial calendar.

Align and coordinate your team. Everybody will share the same platform and interact with others in real time.

Publish your content directly in all your channels (WordPress, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc).

Get metrics about content impact, team productivity, and more. You will be able to show the value of your work to your CEO.

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Demand Generation

The main goal of Demand Generation and Inbound Marketing teams is to generate sales-qualified leads (SQL). In order to do so, they use email marketing or marketing automation tools. But these tools are very inefficient without the proper content.

And there is where the forMarketer platform offers support to the Demand Generation and Inbound Marketing teams: by providing them with the right content for the right audience in the right moment.

Besides that, the forMarketer platform itself includes several internal features to increase lead generation, like the possibility to add lead-gen CTAs (call to actions) in the custom content hubs.

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Sales Enablement

The forMarketer platform makes it easy to generate customized content hubs for Sales Enablement.

Let’s say your Sales Representative is having a sales call with a customer from the Health Industry. When the call ends, they will use forMarketer to generate a Content Hub with content assets specifically  focused on the customer industry and on its stage in the sales funnel. Using the right content helps to close more sales, build thought leadership, increase customer loyalty and promote up-selling.

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Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is about content personalization, and there is where the forMarketer platform thrives.

Using the features of the Smart Content Repository of the platform, your will be able to generate custom Content Hubs specifically focused on one particular industry, sales funnel stage, buyer persona, product, keyword, or any custom category or tag you create. With forMarketer it is very easy to generate and manage the quality and quantity of content that a proper ABM strategy requires.

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Customer Success

The forMarketer platform makes it easy to generate customized content hubs for the Customer Success department. Quality content helps to increase customer retention, up-selling and cross selling, everything hinges around quality content.

Let’s say your Customer Success Representative is having a call with a customer to check how he is getting on with your product or service. When the call ends, your Customer Success Representative will use forMarketer to generate a Content Hub with content assets targeted to solve that customer’s problems, showing him success cases and promote up-selling.

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Smart Content Repository

The recent Content Marketing explosion has multiplied the number of content pieces a company produces. Very soon, the amount of content pieces makes it difficult to use them properly. Old content pieces become difficult to find and they simply get lost in the crowd. That is a waste of time and money.

With the forMarketer platform, everyone in your organization will have quick and easy access to the Smart Content Repository, that will allow them to find exactly what they need using advanced filters.

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