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The forMarketer platform has helped immensely in making our marketing operations more efficient and effective. Having all of these resources available in one place has added tremendous value for our organization. [Anthony Gaenzle. Director of Marketing, SE Healthcare]

We didn’t realize the full power of Content Marketing until we started using forMarketer. [Allison M. Schweitzer. CEO, Wisconsin Music Ventures]

forMarketer gave us a quick and easy way to implement successful ABM and Sales Enablement strategies. [C Sardon. CMO, Cubicup]

forMarketer makes it easy for us to understand the value Content Marketing in the launch of my last book «Mind of Executive, Body of Athlete». [JR Iracheta]

Your Marketing Team will love it

With forMarketer, your Marketing team will finally find a platform that integrates everything and everybody.

forMarketer can be used by small and big teams. In a mid-size team:

The CMO will use it to set the content plan, track the progress of the team and get performance and productivity reports.

The Content Director will use it to manage the editorial calendar, assign tasks, and manage the full content cycle from ideation to publishing.

The Content Authors will use it as their main content creation tool.

The Social Media Manager will use it to manage the social media calendar, create content and distribute it directly in all channels.

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Your Customers will love it

Your customers will not know that you are using the forMarketer platform, but they will reap the benefits of it: they will find quality content that answers their questions and doubts throughout all the stages of the buying journey.

From the awareness stage to the decision stage and further, with forMarketer you will be able to build content that responds to the information needs of your target audience and thus increase the number of leads, opportunities and sales.

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Your Sales Team will love it

Your Sales Team will see the forMarketer platform as an ally that will help them close more deals.

Think about agile Sales Enablement: the members of your Sales Team will have direct access to the Smart Content Repository of the platform and will be able to create custom content hubs to follow up their conversation with prospects and clients in a jiffy.

After the sales call, the prospect will receive an email or url with relevant content that will help them make that final purchase decision.

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Your Customer Success Team will love it

Content is an essential component of a successful Customer Success strategy: with that goal in mind, your company will produce information about new product releases, new features, success cases, new products or services, training and support documents, etc.

Your Customer Success Team will be very happy to use the forMarketer as the platform will help them find and make proper use of the right content for the right customer at the right time.

The members of your Customer Success Team will have direct access to the Smart Content Repository of the platform and will be able to create custom content hubs to manage their communications with customers.

Your customer will receive an email or url with relevant content that will help keep educating them about your products and services.

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Other teams will love it

Apart from Marketing, Sales and Customer Success, the forMarketer platform will also be invaluable for almost every department in your company.

Think of training content, support content, content for store teams, human resource content, etc.

New technologies have put content at the center of all companies and organizations. The forMarketer platform will help you plan, create, publish and deliver your content more efficiently than ever.

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Your CEO will love it

Your CEO wants results. Sales. Renewals. Growth. And he or she needs to see solid metrics that prove the contribution of your work.

That’s why your CEO will love forMarketer. The platform will quickly improve the performance of your content strategy and will give you the metrics to prove it.

Help your CEO to understand why Content Marketing has become strategic for your company by sending him a link of our viral article “Marketing is Dead”. If necessary, we can share data on the economic impact of using the forMarketer platform in similar companies.

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Your Marketing Agency will love it

The Marketing Agencies Industry is experiencing a great transformation. New technologies have changed the way customers buy and they are showing that they do not like traditional advertising. 400 million people have already an ad blocker installed in their browser. And that is just the beginning of the trend.

The advertising is being substituted and completed by Content Marketing. Customer see less ads, but they read and see more content than ever before: 70% of the buying process happens in the content stage.

Because of that your Marketing Agency will love forMarketer, since the platform will allow them to improve the way they work with you and will give them the opportunity to get many other new customers like you. A Marketing Agency that offers the forMarketer platform to clients is not just differentiating herself from other competitors, but multiplying immediately the revenue from consulting services related to Content Marketing.

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