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Hyper Personalization: The New Frontier for Marketing and Sales

Increase engagement

Content paths get your users to spend more time on your landing pages.

Increase conversion

Content paths multiply the conversion of traditional landing pages by up to 7.

Reduce the sales cycle

Content paths speed up your customers' decision making, reducing time to sale.

Increase Retention

Content paths increase retention and get additional purchases from your current customers.

Create a Central Repository of Content

Your marketing department has probably been creating an awful lot of content, most of which is being wasted. Not any more! Import all your marketing content to the forMarketer platform and start creating content hubs for Account-Based Marketing, Sales Enablement, Customer Success, Internal Communications, and so much more. 

You can import all your blog posts, videos, ebooks, white papers, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, etc. Using forMarketer does not mean you have to throw away all your previous content; on the contrary, forMarketer will enable you to ensure that your content is evergreen, making it even more valuable for your company.

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Create and Export Content Paths

The exponential growth of content marketing is extremely valuable for companies, but it has also created a new problem: as you are producing more and more content, your users often get overwhelmed unless you  have a way to present them specifically with the relevant information they are looking for. That’s where Content Paths come in.

Content Paths allow you to select only that content which is relevant to your end user or customer. When you present relevant content to the relevant people at the relevant time, good things happen: lead generation and sales start accelerating like never before.

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Organize your Content Plan

Creating content without having a content plan and clear goals is a waste of time and money. Sadly, many marketing professionals have lost their jobs because they did not realize this in time.

Content Marketing is not about creating content, but about creating content with a clear purpose and business sense. Well implemented, Content Marketing will help you build a loyal audience of customers that will revisit  your channels again and again. You will stop chasing your customers because your Content Marketing will make your customers chase you!

One of the keys of efficient Content Marketing implementation is to have a good Content Plan. The forMarketer platform will help you prepare it considering all important details: buyer personas, buyer’s journey, campaigns, editorial calendar, content workflow, team organization, etc.

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Coordinate your Team

The Content Marketing explosion has made content teams much bigger and more complex to manage than ever before. Average content teams may be made up of different roles like authors, editors and managers.

Many positions and departments in the company are now associated with content: the Marketing Manager, the Content team, the PR team, the Social Media team, the Product Marketing team, the Web team, the Graphic Design team, the Sales Manager, the Sales team, the Customer Success team, etc. Many of these never having met or even spoken to each other directly as travel, remote work and distance separates them.

This new scenario makes it essential to have one common platform like forMarketer: accessible for all but with a clear permission and organization structure.

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Distribute Content through all your Channels

There was a time when the only channel you used to publish your content was the company blog. Not any more. Today the average company uses from four to ten different channels to publish content: WordPress, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

If you don’t use an integrated platform like forMarketer to create and distribute your content through all these channels, the time you will need to manage each of them separately  will kill your productivity. The great thing about forMarketer is that it is not only a multi-channel publishing platform, but an integral tool that covers the full cycle of content, from Content Marketing to Content Hubs, ABM or Sales Enablement.

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Get Integrated Metrics

Is your content working? What could you do to improve it? How could you improve? Many marketing professionals struggle with these questions every day.

It is difficult to measure content efficiency. At best, you can find several different tools to measure web traffic, social shares, lead generation, and sometimes even sales generation. But then try to integrate those separated metrics. The task is terrifying, and many marketing professionals frustrated with complex spreadsheets can tell horror stories about it.

With the forMarketer platform you finally have all content metrics in one place.

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Analyze, Refine and Improve

The increasing complexity of Content Marketing operations makes it essential to have the proper dashboards available to analyze results, refine workflows and improve performance.

The forMarketer platform provides a complete stack of dashboards with the associated  content strategy metric , content team productivity metrics,impact metrics as well as your content’s contribution on lead and sales qualified lead generation.

Information is power. A well-informed marketing professional is able to demonstrate the value of their work to the CEO and to identify the areas that require improvement.

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Empower your Company with Content

Content has become strategic. Businesses and organizations of all kinds have realized that the new technologies (the internet, Google, smartphones, etc) have put content at the heart of every key process today.

Content is essential for the Marketing department, but not only for Marketing. Areas like Sales, Customer Success, Support, Human Resources and others are realizing that content is also crucial for them. That is why the forMarketer platform is so useful: because it allows to create and distribute the whole company’s content.

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