Which metrics should you measure in social networks
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Which metrics should you measure in social networks

With the arrival of social networks many companies wanted to be present in them by spending large amounts of money without being clear what the objectives were and what they wanted to achieve.

Over time companies have realized the great importance of setting clear objectives. For the measurement of results in social networks it is extremely important to establish some key indicators or KPIs.

With them we can know how our strategy is going and if we are achieving the established goals and objectives.

With the results obtained you can also measure the return on investment or ROI of your social networks.

Depending on your goals, you should look at specific metrics. If you are looking to increase your followers in social networks, you must follow the followers in your social networks. If you want to do branding or branding, it will be important to follow the comments and mentions that you make in social networks.

Top metrics on Facebook:

Number of “I like”
Number and type of visitor comments
Comments answered and response time

Main indicators on Twitter:

Number and growth of followers
Number of retweets and mentions
Number of tweets
Prime Time

Indicators in other social media channels:

Linkedin: number of contacts and participants in groups created.
YouTube: number of uploaded videos, number of subscribers, video views, number of comments.

Undoubtedly, the measurement of numbers in social networks, is more than fundamental to improve marketing strategies.


29 October, 2017

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