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Brand generation is more effective with the principles of Branded Content

To position your brand among your target audience and capture their attention, generating trust and authority, you need to know each of the aspects of content marketing. Among them is the Branded Content that could become your ally to position your brand.

Something we have take into account that the intrusive sales techniques that characterized the market in the past decades no longer works, and less in digital marketing campaigns. This is why a series of content strategies have emerged that allow establishing business relationships in a much more effective way.

Users do not want intrusive advertising, they do not want their spaces to be invaded by advertisements they have not requested. That is why branding has introduced a new way of positioning brands, focused on selling to the mind. That is, provoking an attraction between the user and the brand, so that he accesses to know about the products or services that could be offered to him.

Regarding brand, content helps position it because it captures the attention of people with valuable information that they do not want to miss. And if the content level is maintained, the relationship will be maintained until the user is slowly lead to conversion.

But let’s enter into specific matter of branded content. This is a process in which content is generated intimately related to a brand, in a way that causes connection between the brand and the consumer. It is an Inbound Marketing strategy and works with all types of content. So it can be used with written content, with images, infographics, graphics, GIFs, videos, tutorials and all kinds of content.

The branded content is not about the benefits or sale of a product, but rather with the experience that is transmitted to users, with the purpose of making the brand known to the target audience and creating affinity between them and the brand.

There are many advantages offered by this kind of content for branding. We present the following:

Allows the creation of a community

A branding without community is destined to fail. Brands do not survive without audience, that is why this marketing strategy seeks the creation of a community for the brand because it will have like-minded people who follow it and are willing to buy or share information to grow the audience.

It is key to the marketing funnel

A good sales funnel is essential to make strategies work, branded content will allow you to attract users to the funnel, to begin the process towards loyalty. As we said, this type of content will not directly reference your product, but will show that your brand has the potential to help your potential customers, who will feel attraction and want to know more about it.

Helps position in search engines

Through the content of value you will be able to demonstrate your authority in relation to the topics of interest of your potential clients, and this will give you a good position among them. In addition, if you apply the key principles of SEO position in your branded content you can guarantee with this type of content that the search engines take into account your site to place it among the first search results related to the keywords of your content.

Encourages greater interaction between users and the brand

By offering content that provides experiences to users, they will be more motivated to interact. The content of this strategy can be disseminated through social networks, blogs, or websites, generating interaction possibilities. Remember that this content can also be videos, in which you generate the sensations that you want to awaken in your potential customers so that they connect with your brand in an effective way and start or maintain a productive relationship for both parties.

These are some of the benefits of branded content. It is important that from its implementation you have clear the fundamental ideas of this type of strategies. For example, remember that the intention is not to offer a product, but an experience. It is about generating an opportunity for a good conversation.

When you want to have a good time with your friends you do not sell them anything, you only tell them things about you, and if you have obtained a product or service, you focus on explaining how you got with that product or service and how it solved a problem. Something like that is branded content, it’s like a meeting between friends in which you have a good conversation.


22 January, 2018

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