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Turn your customers into the best ambassadors of your brand


Make your customers your most loyal allies and recommend your brand amongst your contacts

If you are wondering what the best way to position your brand in the market, gain authority and attract customers. Here we give you the answer and five ways to implement the formula that, although it is not magic, works, because it is used by the big brands. In these five ways you will have to involve the whole team, including the content creators in a way that aligns with your goals.

Having a brand is not enough, nor is a defined identity sufficient. It is true that the colors for marketing, good content management, a good marketing team, website, blog, social networks, among other things, are elements that will help your brand to have life. However, they are not definitive in terms of attraction, if you do not merge the effort with the fundamental idea of ​​converting your customers into ambassadors of your brand.

The best way to advertise and increase the audience and therefore increase the chances of sales, is through the recommendations of customers. Getting potential customers can be the first step to start a chain of events within your sales funnel that will trigger customer loyalty. You can have good content on social networks, but if you do not take your audience to the sales funnel your content is not being effective.

Taking your clients towards the loyalty status could be a great victory, because it would mean that that client will be faithful to you until death, he will not allow himself to buy or contract the services of another brand, all his needs will be covered through your brand. In the process of loyalty, it is true that there are content tools that can be useful, but this time we will focus on techniques.

To make it happen you have to establish a special connection with your client, because only then will he entrust his needs to you. He will become an ambassador of your brand. By including new prospects into your sales funnel you continue with that cycle of loyalty, then you will turn more clients into ambassadors and enjoy those results. That is why it is also important that you take into account the management of content in this process to convert clients into ambassadors.

Do you think the idea is attractive? Then read carefully the 5 techniques that we bring you to turn your customers into the best ambassadors of your brand.

1. Create products with your customers’ preferences in mind

Let’s start by clarifying that the basis of all the techniques to convert clients into ambassadors of your brand is segmentation. If you do not have a buyer persona, then you will not be able to apply the techniques because you do not know your client.

That’s why the first technique is to know their preferences and create a product or service that fits them. When a customer finds a product or service that suits him, tests it and gives results, he will become your brand’s ambassador.

2. Create an atmosphere that engenders loyalty

If the customer feels part of the brand, s/he will become an ambassador. This can be achieved through the deep connection, that he feels understood. So you can do it through content marketing, promotions, awards, mentions, etc. The important thing is that he feels like an important part of the brand, rather than as a consumer.

3. Have a surprise element on hand

You should always give more than expected, especially to those customers who show special interest in the brand. You can see which clients to provide bonuses according to the level of interaction and consumption with the brand. If these customers appreciate these benefits, then you will be converting them into ambassadors of your brand.

4. Give them special and personalized attention

With personalized attention we do not want to tell you that you should forget about automation. We insist again, that you understand in which segment your client fits into.

Even if your process is automated, it could give a sense of personalization if you create content and design each step with every aspect of your ideal client in mind.

5. Listen to your customers (read them)

Listening to customers is paramount, it is part of the user’s experience, when their claims and suggestions are taken into account. When you ask for feedback, s/he feels cared for and important, and which is the feeling that we have to convey to him, that’s what matters to the brand. So he will develop a sense of belonging and make him wish that others should feel the same.

Start today to implement these recommendations and gain loyalty from your client. If you manage to take your customers to the end of the sales funnel, until they become ambassadors of your brand, you will have a lot of followers, you will be laying the foundations of a prosperous business, where your customers will do your work for you and build your pipeline.


15 January, 2018

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