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Trends and predictions in digital marketing for 2018

The digital marketing trends for 2018 are already beginning to mark a way forward for any business that wants to succeed on the Internet. We review the ones that are already in operation and analyze the predictions for the rest of the year.

Digital marketing trends for 2018

Social networks. The use of chatbots will become essential, but with direct support from artificial intelligence. That is to say, the same answers will no longer be received but the system will be able to better adapt itself to the questions of any client. Likewise, the social networks of your business will be the perfect base to create ephemeral contents that are, preferred by your potential client.

In addition, it will be necessary to convert each content into something with a wide scope. A video and a phrase will no longer suffice. You have to achieve engagement by redirecting those who visit your website to your blog so they can discover your offers.

Another way to sell. The catalogues are finished with a small photograph and a boring design. The augmented reality, or virtual if you prefer the term, will allow your customers to enter your store and choose what they want. Likewise, the video boom makes it fundamental to show each product in a much clearer and more efficient way.

In short, your customers need to see and intuit what the item is going to buy in a more realistic way.

Digital marketing predictions for 2018

The influencers will continue to grow, but with nuances. Their work is still essential, but now it will be when each follower on the influencers’ social networks end up becoming the buyers of your products.

Quality content. As we have been explaining, the huge amount of content generates a mass usage that ends up creating a no man’s land where it is impossible to stand out. This year will be the one that marks the end of texts without soul and essence.

From now on, each entry in your blog or each message in your social networks will be of high quality. Do not forget transparency and to make known what your proposal consists of.

Blog, app for mobile phones and content for micro-moments. That is to say, your blog is still one of the pillars of your marketing strategy, but you have to add an app (better if it is with virtual reality) and don’t forget about micro-moments.

SEO, better results with a different approach. The voice searching will be imposed so it is necessary to review your keywords and the design of your website to be up to the task. Likewise, your page will not be an immobile entity but an active one with which you can interact.

Among the digital marketing trends for 2018 we could highlight a common denominator to those already explained: adaptability. The client does not look for a web page where to buy a product, it is your company that will pave the way for it to reach your business. We hope we have given you the necessary clues to change the direction of your commercial project with great success.


27 February, 2018

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