The winning strategy of social networks
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The winning strategy of social networks

Social networks today are already a great means of communication and interaction for millions of companies in the world. They allow you to reach a large audience very directly. That is why companies have been betting on the internet as a means in their marketing strategy for years and more and more.

It is also demonstrated that social networking users spend more and more time using them, especially through mobile devices, which are increasingly used.

That is why it is very important, to take advantage of the large number of people and to succeed in social networks, to have very clear and defined the strategy of your company in social networks. The main objective is to get the attention of the user to your business.

Identify your target

First of all is to discover who your customers are, your target audience, which you have to direct. The goal is not to shoot everyone, but to the one who really is willing to acquire your product or service.

To do this, you will have to define who you are, how old you are, where you live, where you work, what your interests are, your hobbies, where you move, what you read, what you are looking for … a description as detailed as possible, which will allow you to get better with your communications.

Brand Style Guide

Once you have identified your audience and you have managed to describe it in a very detailed way, now you will know it well, you will know everything about it and you will be prepared to configure your communication focused exclusively on it.

Here comes the part of defining your style guide, that is, the way in which you will communicate your brand. You must decide what language to adopt, which could be professional or colloquial for example. You also have to develop your corporate image thinking about your target audience, such as the logo, colors used, designs, etc.

Objectives in social networks

In this step you must describe very well the objectives that you want to achieve with your campaigns in social networks.

It is not worth saying that my main goal is to get more sales, because that goal is very unspecific and because it is, logically, what everyone wants and we also as the ultimate goal of the entire marketing strategy developed.

What you should do is analyze what things will allow you to sell more. When we should set more specific goals, such as, get leads, do branding, promote a product, attract visitors to your website, get more followers on social networks, etc. Choose several goals and focus all your actions on social networks to achieve those goals.

Editorial Calendar

The editorial calendar will allow you to organize all the contents and to schedule them to be published automatically and in an orderly manner.

Then this will help you analyze what content has been most successful among your users and thus be able to improve your strategy.

Decide on which networks to publish

Not all social networks are good for all businesses. If you publish videos as it focuses your strategy on You Tube, for example. If you are to publish many photos of your products just as it suits you more Instagram.

The most general are Facebook and Twitter, and then there are many more specific. For B2B Linkedin business works very well.

You have to see what networks your consumers are in and focus solely on those to reach these.

Take advantage to interact

The most interesting and the greatest potential of social networks is the possibility of interacting directly, from you to you, with your consumers.

Ask questions or trigger the action in your publications for your audience to participate. Try to answer the messages of the publications. Also be attentive to the private messages that can reach you. Twitter is a social network that many companies use as customer service.

Analyze your campaigns

On the Internet everything is measurable. Leverage is advantage to measure the results of each campaign you launch, the interactions and impact that have had the publications.

Define your most important KPIs and check your results regularly.

If a type of publication has been successful and has helped you achieve your goals, replicate and try to re-apply the same for other publications. If it has not gone well make changes or do not do it that way again.

This consists of trial and error. You must take control of all the metrics that allow you to see the evolution and improvement that you have been getting.


28 September, 2017

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