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The 10 Benefits of Content Marketing

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Content Marketing has arrived to stay. It is noteworthy that more and more B2B companies use content marketing as a marketing strategy with a heavy weight on other strategies. And it has already won the game to pure advertising strategy, or SEM, because companies have realized that what was before is no longer worth and that to connect with consumers need to implement completely new strategies. The way we now consume and buy has nothing to do with how we did it before. The consumer now seeks, informs, compares, reads opinions and only when he has totally clear acquires the product or service. That is, it is the consumer who goes in search of the product or service that satisfies him. This is why Content Marketing becomes of the utmost importance for business. Let’s see more in detail what benefits can bring us and why you should apply.

Benefits of Content Marketing

1. Increased traffic to the web

The more published content the website has, the more pages it will appear in the search engines. This together with a good distribution of the contents in different channels, like the social networks, will generate more traffic to your web in the long term

2. Best conversion rate

If we publish content frequently and also that content is quality, the odds of delighting the reader are greater. The more traffic you have and this is your ideal customer, the better conversion you’ll get, turning those anonymous visits into leads or sales.

3. More time on your website

The fact of having more and more content on the web and as this content is of more quality and relevance to the user, will make it spend more time on your website. And this is crucial because as the user spends more time on your website, you are more likely to end up doing what you are interested in, such as leaving an email or end up buying a product.

4. Improve brand image

The quality content that offers value to the user generates brand awareness in the mind of this. As long as this content is relevant to the reader, it will also make it shared in social networks and become viral, which will favor the construction of the image of your brand and that this is recognized by the user.

5. More content, easier to find you

The more content you create and publish on your website, the more search results pointing to your site will be in search engines, and therefore, easier for users to find you. But as we have said, in order for the user to spend more time on your website, and end up doing what you are interested in, you can not neglect the quality of the content. This will be crucial for your website to become relevant to the reader.

6. Earn impact on social networks

Those great contents that you are going to create, that are going to offer an exceptional value to the reader, must also be in social networks. Social networks should take full advantage of them, because they are a good way to generate visibility, virality and visits to the web quickly. Sharing your content on social networks is key in any digital marketing strategy, allowing you to reach millions of users.

7. Improves search engine rankings

Content marketing is very important to improve the positioning of your website in search engines and find you more easily. But it is also essential that you work well SEO in your content and the web. A good job SEO optimization can make you climb many positions in the search rankings and make a difference.

8. More committed users

If you manage to have a faithful type of user, who likes what you post and what you offer and who is committed to your brand, you will end up building a mass of followers who will recognize your brand. You will be able to influence them and, most importantly, they will be so happy with you that they will talk about you and recommend you in their surroundings. If you do it right, the mouth-ear can bring you many opportunities for your business.

9. Connect with the user

Content marketing allows you to connect with the user, and reach a much closer relationship, offering you content that really interests you. By not offering products directly, the user has a better perception of your brand and understands that you really care about their needs and do their best to understand.

10. Benefits for life

Providing quality content on your website or blog will make the user spend more time on your site. If you get the user to do what you want, you’ll end up improving your conversion ratio. Although the results of content marketing are not immediate, in the long run you have managed to have a higher and better natural position in search engines, which will allow you to spend less and less on paid marketing. So the effort will have been worth it.


20 September, 2017

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