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Make It Huge With Content Marketing! An amazing IT Success Story [WEBINAR]

Success story: How one company increased Revenue by 58%!


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Content marketing will generate an overwhelming $300 billion by 2019. Marketers are constantly on the look out to find new techniques to attract and maintain audiences, prospects, customers and users. Yet, despite 88% of the field acknowledging that content marketing is a necessary and vital part of their marketing strategy, not all marketers know how to successfully implement content strategy into their marketing road map, with many getting lost in the procedures. This leaves me asking myself one very simple question: what are the top end marketers doing, that the rest simply are not? Well, if you are sitting there wondering what there answer is, I’m sure that there is no clear cut response. Each organisation will work in a very unique manner, yet, I will be daring enough to say that all will have one thing in common. Organisation, organisation and organisation. Within this everything else will come naturally.


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This webinar by Alexandra Cowen takes a look at how an IT company was struggling to reach its marketing targets and time manage due to the static spreadsheet system that they employed. Their spreadsheets were divided into topics, with links to each content piece. They did not have any kind of register, nor campaign linking to the content piece, nor procedure recording its elaboration or metrics. They were unable to visualize any part of their marketing strategy meaning that their team was unaligned. Despite having implemented a marketing automation system, were unable to make the most of it. They found it too complicated as their content creation process was sloppy and disorganized, they had no idea what content they had produced, where each piece fell within the buyer’s journey or even how to recall it for future repurposing.

To overcome their issues, this IT company implemented an all in one content marketing platform. Watch on to find out how they not only increased productivity but time management, content production, and revenue. It is amazing how, just by having the right tools, aligned vision, correct strategy, proper management system and centralized work place, with the correct workflows and deadlines a content management system helped this company increase revenue by whooping 58%!


Watch the Webinar Now!


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6 September, 2018

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