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Make It Big With Content Marketing: HR Company Success Story [WEBINAR]

Success story: How one company’s sales shot up by 25%!


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Content marketing will generate a whopping $300 billion by 2019. Marketers are constantly getting creative to find new techniques to attract audiences and implement this as part of their marketing strategy. Yet, despite 88% of the industry acknowledging that content marketing is a necessary and vital part of their marketing success, not everyone knows how to successfully implement it with many getting lost in the procedures.


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The below webinar focuses on one specific multinational human recourse company who was struggling to focus their marketing team’s efforts to be in line with their marketing strategy. Despite this sounding insignificant, a marketing strategy is a marketer’s road map, to achieving their objectives, be it sales growth, worldwide brand recognition, or higher market penetration. So, it is essential to have a team that is working together and producing marketing campaigns that stand out as well as understand the marketing objectives, strategies and tactics if they want to gain a competitive advantage. A well-defined and structured strategy, that is followed by your team will also increase sales and profits, improve the effectiveness of your marketing message and create consumer preference for your brand.

This HR company lacked the discipline of a structured workflow. There was little autonomy or ownership on projects and absolutely no vision or strategy on marketing initiatives. Some projects had too many participants on them taking decisions whilst others were left abandoned. There was a general lack of ownership as most people within the department were doing their own thing — churning out work that just fell within their comfort zone. As there was no dynamic, centralized, visual place the whole team could go to for reference, coordination was up to whoever was doing the chasing and a static spreadsheet.

The company came across an all in one content marketing platform which they implemented in a matter of minutes and a simple on-boarding session. They have shared with us their results.  In just a matter of months they report to have been sending out five times the number of quotes, increasing sales and working together as a team. If you want to know how, click on the link Here to take you to the webinar replay presented by Alexandra Cowen US Manager, forMarketer.


Watch the Webinar Now!


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6 September, 2018

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