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Why you should include LinkedIn in your B2B strategy

Why you should include LinkedIn in your B2B strategy

If you have not yet discovered all the possibilities that LinkedIn has to offer to generate traffic to your website and potential customers for your product or service, read on to learn more about how to use LinkedIn if your company is B2B, meaning, if your customers are companies.

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Let’s take a look at what LinkedIn is doing and some of this professional social network’s top figures:

  • LinkedIn has around 500 million users worldwide, of which, more than 100 million are monthly active users with 60% of these using the mobile app.
  • Therefore, it is the most important professional social network that exists today, with the majority of it’s users accessing the platform from their mobile.
  • For B2B businesses, nearly 80% of contacts come from LinkedIn and most of the B2B marketing professionals recommend it over the rest of the social networks.

Although we should say that these numbers are an estimate and whether you and your marketing team achieve and benefit from these numbers depends on the strategy that you use.

In the USA LinkedIn has approximately 133 million users and is one of the countries where most users have the social network. The average user profile in USA is a man over 35 years old with university studies.

This means that B2B companies are in luck as a lot of social network users in the USA are professionals.

Now we know the potential that LinkedIn has. Let’s see how to use it to generate such a large number of potential customers.

The first thing to do is to carry out a research phase, in which we will define the profile we’re aiming for. Then we will do diferent actions to gain brand recognition and capture those contacts that interest us.

Let’s see how to apply these two strategies.

Definition of our Buyer Persona

Buyer Persona is a concept that we as marketers often hear. It may seem simple but sometimes we do not give it the importance it requires, so we do not correctly define the profile of our potential customers or put ourselves in their place, when appropriate, to develop our strategy around it.

To create the profile of your Buyer Persona think of someone that you know professionally and personally and that fits perfectly with your product. Then describe them based on what they are like, how they think and what they want. In fact you learn more about it in our post about how to define your Buyer Persona and download a step by step template.

Branding on LinkedIn to improve brand recognition

Branding is not an easy concept to see and measure. We can measure the scope of our publications and the engagement of the community, and we can get an idea of ​​the impact that our brand has. However, it is not possible to measure the recognition of our brand directly.

In order to brand our company on LinkedIn we have to develop a content marketing and networking strategy to increase our followers and our network of contacts, which will allow us to attract potential customers. All this is easily measurable and demonstrable within our marketing strategy.

In reality the image of our brand is created by the way our users perceive us, which is determined by our actions. Therefore, our strategy has to be well constructed and directed at our Buyer Persona. This is the best way to influence brand perception.

It is also true that not only is our company in charge of capturing contacts through a content strategy on LinkedIn, through our company page, communities and groups within the social network. It is also important for branding, spreading our brand and generating potential customers. So also take advantage of your employees, encouraging them to use their social networks professionally to support your marketing strategy and improve results.

In short, LinkedIn provides us with many opportunities to increase our contacts network. These will become leads, carrying out a content strategy adapted to our Buyer Persona. In addition, our sales team can generate business opportunities from the most qualified leads with decision-making power.

In addition, taking advantage of our employees contact network and connecting with communities and groups interested in our products, will considerably increase the reach of our content. The objective is that these actions position us as expert leaders in the field so that, at the time of decision making, the client sees us as references and contracts our products or services.

We hope that with this post you realize the potential that LinkedIn has as a professional social network to build brand, connect with our target audience and acquire a multitude of potential customers, so that you incorporate it into your content marketing strategy and you get the most out of it.


5 June, 2018

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