How to use GIFs in your posts
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How to use GIFs in your posts

An element that will give effectiveness to your marketing of content

Learn how to effectively use GIFs to attract potential customers

Content marketing is one of the most important resources for business, business and / or entrepreneurship. This is because it gives value to your business, positioning it among the search results, generating trust between the company and the users and achieving the necessary persuasion to generate the conversion.
However, for content marketing to be effective, it is important to take into account a number of elements that will allow the objectives to be achieved to be met.
In this article we will talk about GIFs and their implementation in content marketing, as this is one of the elements that will give you effectiveness and help you attract potential customers.

What are GIFs and how has it been used so far?

Let’s start with the basics. GIFs are graphic exchange formats, these are used to share images and animations. They are moving images, which serve to communicate a message without using or diminishing the use of words.
For some years GIFs have been used in social networks and platforms as a jocular form of communication, however content marketing has given a twist to the use of this resource, making it an ally to achieve the goals of the campaigns of positioning and of attraction of clients.

Use as a complement

GIFs can not only be used in social networks, since they are no longer informal forms of communication, you can also implement them in the contents of your blog.
Through the images in movements that contain the GIFs, you can generate an effective communication with the users, applying it in the weekly publications, improving the experience of the communication and the positioning.
The secret is to use them correctly, to serve as resources to complete your content and to attract, using GIFs that adapt to the content you develop, complete the idea you want to convey and do not blur with your goals.

Maintain consistency

So the first thing to keep in mind is the consistency between the message and the intent of the GIFs you decide to use.
You can create your own GIFs, since currently there are several platforms that offer this possibility, personalizing the message you want to convey and ensuring that it is consistent with the content, tone and style of your blog.

Avoid the excess

Secondly you should avoid at all costs the excess use of GIFs, a very important fact is that the use of GIFs increases the possibility of positioning to 400% in Google and all search engines. But when used excessively you may gain positioning in search engines but lose the interest of the target audience. That is why you should not abuse the use, and do it in some occasions.

Adapt them to the style and identity of your brand

Before implementing content marketing it is essential that you have a clear definition of the style and identity of your brand. Only then will your content strategy be truly effective. When you have these aspects defined, everything you implement becomes coherent in your image and therefore manage to attract the audience that you really need to attract.
In the case of GIFs, they should be used under the same philosophy. Not only must they be consistent with the content, but the form and background must be tailored to the style and identity of your brand.

Use them to explain more easily the processes

Another recommendation for the proper use of GIFs is that you use it as a resource to facilitate the knowledge of processes that relate to your products and / or services. That is, to facilitate the understanding of how to use your products or access your services. It is a graphic form that can be very effective.
Keep in mind that using GIFs should not only relate them to humor, but you can also turn them into explanatory or didactic resources that will allow your audience to gain knowledge in a more graphic way and thus have better access to content of value.
Finally, take into account that GIFs effectively used in your content marketing will help you establish a deeper, closer, as well as direct, connection with your potential customers, increasing the likelihood that they will trust your brand and encourage make the purchase.
GIFs smooth the conversion process, make the user experience more fun or easier to assimilate and this in turn makes it easier for him or her to take the final step.


29 October, 2017

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