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How To Maximize Content Marketing In Your Organization [WEBINAR]

Why the fuss with Content marketing?

The importance of content marketing is such that it seeps into all areas of the marketing department this is true to such an extent that all members must be aligned to ensure that the message going out is the same across all boards and that timing of this is perfect. So, how everyone in your team is organized, their attitude and the intention you want them to carry out is crucial to the outcome. Very much like any good game of football.

The Webinar

We are now at a point in time where everyone is creating at their fingertips. Building brand awareness improves your visibility in search engine rankings and connects with your customers. The challenge comes in organizing all the aspects of content marketing within your team. So, how everyone in your team is organized, their attitude and the intention you want them to carry out is crucial to the outcome. Very much like any good game of football. This webinar series provides you with the very best tips in organizing your marketing team around your content marketing strategy!

The following webinar by Alexandra Cowen draws up the secret behind identifying who should be taking ownership of what aspects of content marketing within your organisation.

What’s in the video?

  • How to organize your team in order to implement an effective content marketing strategy.
  • Structuring your marketing department around Content Marketing.
  • Who does what and what needs doing: from a simple idea through to planning, producing and publishing.
  • Discover how to measure results gained by your content.

Content focus and teamwork is the absolute key in any marketing strategy no matter the size of your company. Try an all in one content marketing platform to help you create a dynamic workflow that manages each step of your process from the very first moment an idea is generated, through to the planning, executing and analysis of, not only each content piece, but campaign.

I hope that you enjoy the webinar!



How to boost sales in your Marketing Department around #ContentMarketing

14 September, 2018

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