How to integrate instagram with content distribution tools
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How to integrate instagram with content distribution tools

Social media has grown at such a rapid rate that multi-channel account maintenance is now a standard procedure for most organizations. If you’re looking for software tools to help you manage social accounts, you’ve probably found Hootsuite and Buffer.
Both tools offer valuable features, but their differences are significant. Hootsuite offers a comprehensive set of functionalities for managing social accounts, while Buffer focuses on automating content sharing. The first is an all-in-one solution, while the second is designed to perform a narrow set of functions.
In this post we will talk about an interesting topic that many people come to ask in a Hootsuite vs. Buffer, it is the integration function of both software.

Integration of Instagram with Hootsuite

Surely you have already heard that Hootsuite has integrated with Instagram and that you can now program your Hootsuite messages. If you did not know, then you can jump with joy now.
For those who have already used it, they know that this innovative feature unfortunately presents an inconvenience, which is why we will tell you how to integrate your instagram into Hootsuite so you avoid any inconvenience.
First log in to your Hootsuite account and click on the account icon. You will have to visit the area “add social network” and click on Instagram. Once you click on “connect with Instagram”, you will only have to log in with the details of your Instagram account.
Once this is done, download Hootsuite Hootlet Chrome Extension and the Hootsuite application for your phone. These are two things you should use to schedule any postings you want to post using this method.
When you have downloaded and logged in to your Hootsuite app on your mobile, you will have to go through steps 2 and 3 on the Hootsuite website. Visit the “Settings” tab for the mobile app and then “Notification settings”. Turn on Instagram notifications. Once you have done this, the Hootsuite website will recognize that you have done so, and then take you to your dashboard.
Now, you can configure searches for users, hashtags, or locations. This is what I think the sellers will find very useful and interesting. There are tools for Instagram, but not as useful as these. It has never been easy to find exactly what you want to find on Instagram, but now you can use Hootsuite to find it, which is a great advantage.

Integrating Instagram with Buffer

If you use Instagram for your business, then your likelihood of having your shared content simply increased. Today’s administrators are being treated with the new Buffer integration with Instagram. Something like Hootsuite, will allow you to take messages you’ve been tagged in, copy the URL, set the app to remind you to share a post, and then share the post manually or otherwise. It is not as automated as one would like and it is very interesting that Instagram does not allow natively sharing, but it is a new feature that will make the lives of social media content developers easier.
Plus Buffer is also present on Twitter for more effective traffic and overall content sharing strategies. It usually works quite well.
Do you know how it works?
With Instagram Buffer, you can completely manage your marketing in social networks from a single control panel, along with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Create and program the content, check the analyzes and collaborate with your team from a central location.

Create a consistent calendar

Reach your audience at ideal times. Increase commitment by keeping in touch regularly and sharing your best content.

Plan your reminders

Fully organize your Instagram campaigns from the desktop or mobile. Receive reminders when it’s time to post.

Key Analysis Tracking

Measure the performance of your posts to see how your audience is growing and how your followers get involved with your content.

Work together

Collaborate with team members to organize your next Instagram publications and campaigns.

No system is perfect, but both facilitate the work Which one should you choose?
It is very easy to use the integration function in both social media software, but what is not easy is to choose which one to use. Both tools are very good, any community manager can recommend them, but choosing one always depends on the type of business you manage and what specific functions you need. First do your analysis and then choose which is better, Hootsuite or Buffer?.


29 October, 2017

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