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How to Identify Your perfect Account-Based Marketing Accounts [WEBINAR]

But, what is account-based marketing?

ABM hinges on strategic, personalized content developed for specific personas, accounts, and even—sometimes—individuals.

To identify your best fit Account-based Marketing (ABM) accounts, it is necessary to understand that Account-based marketing moves away from Lead-based Marketing and towards a sales and marketing alignment model. For account based marketers to show their impact on revenue, you need to think outside the box. Try thinking in terms of how well you have influenced deals and improved key business outcomes. Look at win rates, sales velocity, and average contract value when identifying the best target accounts.

Developments in IT-technology; especially in all in one platform’s, like forMarketer, marketing automation systems, CRM-systems and marketing analytics are making account-based marketing scalable. Yet, in order to achieve this, a successful ABM strategy starts with collaboration on two levels, smarketing and company wide. Once this has been established you can go on to creating an integral marketing strategy. Watch on to find out how!

The following webinar by Alexandra Cowen draws up the secret behind identifying those all important ABM accounts.

It details:

  • What account-based marketing is
  • Why we flip the funnel for ABM
  • The techniques behind identifying your best accounts
  • Who your ICP is and insights on how to generate customer advocates

Content focus and teamwork is the absolute key in any marketing strategy no matter the size of your company. With ABM we need to scale up and personalize on every level, learning how to adjust our value proposition to meet with our target accounts identified. Remember, here we are doing things on our accounts terms, not ours.

Watch the webinar to find out how!


ID your perfect ABM account

11 September, 2018

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