How to build a content marketing team
The Future of Content

How to build a content marketing team

The businesses made over the internet are becoming more extensive, many professionals today have been dedicated to establishing their work through the web. Similarly, there are thousands and thousands of companies around the world dedicated to practicing content marketing, and is that the largest search engine on the planet “Google” has left algorithms within their networks so that those who engage in marketing digital, can achieve position through scriptures.
Do you know what we mean? For you to understand a little better we will tell you a simple example. Suppose you have a company that markets smartphone, apart from selling the equipment also offers users accessories for mobile phones. Now, surely you have thought about having your website because according to you that is a great marketing strategy, and that’s ok, the truth is a good step. But is that enough? Let’s say I need a Smartphone or some accessory and I decide to “google” what I look for, of course thousands of pages will appear as a result, now let’s get to the point. Do you know which webs appear on the first page of Google? Yes! Those that make optimal content! Which of course is adapted to the algorithms imposed by the search engine.
Obviously you want the website of your business to be the first to appear on Google, and of course we as users click on the main ones. In this case there are tools like SEO, to be able to improve the process and do you know who apply those tools? The creators of content.
The contents of the internet are usually very adapted to each page, all seeking a common purpose: that users buy a product or request a certain service, or as is the case of bloggers who want to return to the website. Although we started with a digital marketing that everyone was talking about, today many companies have made the wise decision to start discussing content marketing as part of the great business strategy within their industries.
If you want to work in content marketing or you are already doing it and you are looking to perfect your techniques Welcome! We are ready to help you in your work.
First let’s start by talking about What is content marketing? You can simply define content marketing as strategies made through scripts to market a service or product. Now, do you know how much information flow is on the internet? Very much! Possibly right at this time that you are reading this post hundreds of people are uploading content to the web of any topic.
You as an entrepreneur should know very well that to carry out any business strategy is necessary to have a well structured team and composed of people really trained to achieve the goal. In the case of content marketing, there is a set of professionals that should not be lacking within the company.

Learn how to form your content marketing team

Before considering the steps to follow to achieve a goal through content marketing, it is extremely important to build an ideal team that supports the results. This team must have the following professional profiles:

Comunity Manager.

A professional in charge of establishing very well the business with the clients. It is also responsible for examining how the company’s networks are flowing. In some cases, these professionals are in charge of the editorial calendar.

Graphic designer.

Can you imagine entering a web where there is only text? It would simply be a boring place, that’s where graphic design comes into play. It is important that there is a perfect combination of texts, images and videos to make the public seem attractive.

Content editor.

You can say that this is the piece of information in a content marketing team, but in fact all profiles are important. A content writer should be creative and willing to write as set out in a strategy. To optimize the work, a content writer should be considered to have knowledge about SEO and SEM.
Your team can also add an editor, a planner and a correct content. All of them become part of the secondary profile of the marketing team.
If you have already formed your team it is necessary that you follow these steps to give good results.
First, let the community manager and the planner be in charge of establishing the appropriate strategies of each company, it is they who must explore each market.

Then the editor and the graphic designer must stick to the strategies and begin to draw the necessary production. To finish the corrector will be in charge of analyzing everything very well to spread it.

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29 October, 2017

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