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How does the Digital Marketing Team Fit into Content Marketing? [WEBINAR]


How does DM fit into Content Marketing?

Hopefully your company will reach a stage of inflection that either someone needs to start thinking like a digital marketer or you will need a dedicated digital marketer who will help enhance brand awareness in the digital space. Either way, you will need someone who has excellent digital intelligence. Someone who, is a modern day digital and social media ‘specialist’, someone who knows how to use their Mar Tech intellect to cut down even the toughest buzzwords and translate tech-talk into meaningful information whilst keeping up with the high velocity digital change going on around us.

This digital guru may have been an IT analyst or a developer in a previous life before taking the plunge into marketing. Either way, they are the catalysts between the unwanted, but totally-needed, arranged marriage of your IT and marketing departments. So, the digital marketing manager is in the center of all the marketing concepts and is key in making your products and services reach customers.

This digital guru, knows how to cut across geographical borders.  They are gurus of insight analysis, well grounded developers, and great digital content marketers.


The Webinar

As we foray through 2018 content marketing has become the main ingredient for success in any internet marketing or strategic advertising initiative. By the end of today’s webinar you will have a clear understanding of what your digital marketing team is, what to expect from him or her or them and what they could be doing to maximize their efforts within the marketing department specifically in relation to content marketing. The digital Marketing team play an important role in enhancing brand awareness in the digital space, they know all about website implementation and website traffic, they are Gurus in SEO, SEA, and SEM and make acquisition optimization, and continuous optimization look easy. But don’t worry, I will go into all of this in more detail during the webinar.

The following webinar by Alexandra Cowen draws up the secret behind identifying how the digital marketing team should be taking ownership of specific aspects of content marketing within your organisation.

What’s in the video?

  • How to organize your team in order to implement an effective content marketing strategy.
  • Understand what to expect from your Digital Marketing Team. 
  • Know how your Digital Marketing team should be maximizing their efforts in relation to content marketing.
  • Discover how to measure results gained by the Digital team.

Content focus and teamwork is the absolute key in any marketing strategy no matter the size of your company. Try an all in one content marketing platform to help you create a dynamic workflow that manages each step of your process from the very first moment an idea is generated, through to the planning, executing and analysis of, not only each content piece, but campaign.

I hope that you enjoy the webinar!



How does the Digital Marketing Team Fit into Content Marketing?

14 September, 2018

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