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How Do I Target My Best Account-Based Marketing Accounts? [WEBINAR]

So, which accounts do I target?

In order to know what accounts to target you need to understand that any successful account-based marketing strategy requires collaboration. Companies with strong Sales and Marketing alignment achieve 20% greater annual revenue growth. So work on open communication, teamwork and alignment between sales and marketing to understand what your current sales cycle looks like, which clients give you what type of revenue and why.

To know how to target your best account-based marketing accounts it is important to understand that a successful ABM strategy requires collaboration. Get really specific about the attributes of the companies you’re trying to sell to. Focus on attracting, engaging, converting and measuring those accounts that are most likely to buy. The good news is that ABM by its very nature brings the two marketing and sales teams together— as long as both sales and marketing can agree to work together. Create a smarketing environment within your company. Watch on to find out how!

The following webinar by Alexandra Cowen draws up the secret behind identifying those all important ABM accounts.

It details:

  • What account-based marketing really is.
  • Just how important smarketing really is when creating an ABM strategy.
  • What we need to focus on when creating an Ideal Customer Profile.
  • How to adjust content and build revenue.

Content focus and teamwork is the absolute key in any marketing strategy no matter the size of your company. With ABM we need to scale up and personalize on every level, learning how to adjust our value proposition to meet with our target accounts identified. Remember, here we are doing things on our accounts terms, not ours. Try an all in one content marketing platform to help you create dynamic ABM content hubs specific for each account.

Watch the webinar to find out how!


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11 September, 2018

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