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Go To Town With Content Marketing! A Marketing Agency Success Story [WEBINAR]

How to organize your content marketing team

Success story: How one company increased sales qualified leads fivefold!


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Content Marketing

Content marketing will generate an amazing $300 billion by the first quarter of 2019. Marketing agencies are constantly interested in finding new techniques to attract and maintain audiences for their clients, prospects and customers. Yet, despite 88% of the these acknowledging that content marketing is of utmost importance, not all agencies know how to successfully implement a content marketing strategy into their marketing road map, with many getting overwhelmed by the procedures.

This leaves me here asking myself one very simple question: if this is the case, what are the top end marketing agencies doing, that the rest simply are not? Well, if you are sitting there wondering what their answer is, I’m sure that there is no clear cut response. Each organisation will work in its own, very unique manner, yet, I will say that all will have one thing in common. Organisation, organisation and organisation. Within this everything else will simply fall into place naturally.


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The Case Study

In this webinar I take a look at a multinational Agency who was struggling to measure their online marketing strategy. They were struggling to determine exactly how successful each content piece was. Here, It is important to realize that when developing a content marketing strategy there is a lot of data available to you and rather than quantity, it is the quality of the data that is significant.  Therefore, the key is to have an understanding of what data is useful; what data needs to be measured and how to turn this data into well informed decisions for future content production.


How Did They Do It?

This agency implemented an all in one content marketing platform to help them not only centralize their content creation process but help them manage their marketing budget more effectively. This has resulted in a more efficient sales team due to improved conversion rates. The content marketing platform that they now have in place has helped them increase sales qualified leads by five-fold in just a few months thanks to the impressive +400% web traffic that they are now driving in! If you want to find out how this agency is doing it, just press play!


Watch the Webinar Now!


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10 September, 2018

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