Getting Started with Google Analytics
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Getting Started with Google Analytics

Create and set up a Google Analytics account

Many digital marketing managers who manage websites do not have a web analytics tool, such as Google Analytics, installed on their website. So let’s see how it is configured so we can start using it.

Create access to Google Analytics

First of all you must have a gmail account created to associate it with the new Google Analytics account that you are going to create.

Once done, you should go to and start setting up the account.

The account you create will be associated with gmail and the web page you want to analyze from now on from Google Analytics.

You must place the url of your website as it is displayed in the browser, ie with the “w” or https for Analytics to connect to your website correctly.

Get the tracking code or ID and place it on your website

In order for Google to know that the website is your property and start receiving data, you must install a code provided by Google Analytics.

After accepting the Terms and Conditions of Google Analytics, you will arrive at the page where the code or ID is located and where they explain where you should place it.

The Google Analytics tracking code should be placed in the header of your website, so you can read the entire website in full.

You can install the code in three different ways:

Place the tracking code between the <head> tags in the header of your web. In WordPress is as simple as entering Appearance -> Editor -> header.php and paste it there.
Install a WordPress plugin, among the many that exist, that you do it automatically without having to access any file on the web.
If these things are not your thing, turn to the one who is in charge of the technical part of your web.
Access to your Google Analytics account

Once your Google Analytics account is created and you have pasted the tracking code or ID on your website, you can access the account and start using it.

After accessing with your access data and choosing the view of the account you created, the first thing you will see will be a summary of the statistics of your website for the last full month.

Meaning of Google Analytics metrics

Here’s the top Google Analytics metrics you’ll see in the overall summary of your account as soon as you enter it.

  • Sessions: or also the visits that the web has had. It is the number of times they entered your website.
  • Users: is the number of people who made those visits or sessions individually.
  • Number of page views: number of pages that have been viewed by users.
  • Pages / session: how many pages were visited per media session.
  • Average duration of the session: how much time a user passes through your website.
  • Bounce rate: The total number of times users left your website on the first page they entered.
  • Percentage of new users: are the number of users who entered the web only once in that period of time.

With this you know the basics of Google Analytics and you can start to mess with the tool. Over time you will discover the great potential it has and the many possibilities it offers you to analyze your web pages.


29 October, 2017

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