Content is king
The Future of Content

Content is king

That content is important for our websites to be found by users and stand out in the search results is something we have heard so much that in the end it can happen that we get used to it and stop giving it the great importance it has for our business.

At this point it is more than clear that content is the king, but we must take into account aspects that are extremely important and that have to be given in order for the content to be the king. That is why we must always contemplate this starting from a content marketing strategy.

Why is content so important?

Because basically what we most look for and generate in the network is content. The content appears when we want to know about something, when we want to distract ourselves or when we want to express ourselves, for example. Content is everywhere on the Internet.

And when you think of content, the one that comes to mind is the text, but as you know, there is a great variety of content types that we can use to position our website and capture quality leads .

The most relevant content types

  • Text: the text is most relevant to search engines like Google.
  • Fhoto: the photos allow you to dress the websites and make them more colorful, which improves usability and it helps the conversion.
  • Video: with the video you can create more engagement with the user because it allows you to transmit much more value and be different.
  • Infographic: the infographics also allow a lot of connection with the user. Also if you get interesting and visually attractive you can turn it into viral and generate lots of traffic.
  • Audio: if you get the audios interesting and hook the user, you will be creating a community of very powerful followers.

The objectives of content marketing

Content is very important to the success of our digital marketing activity and it is essential that this work around a content marketing strategy. But we must be clear why content creation, what we seek to achieve , what are our objectives to achieve.

First of all you will get the first quantitative goals, such as number of visits to your site, number of leads achieved, sales reached, conversion, retention … These metrics you should choose very well, depending on your activity, and regularly monitor them. This will allow you to check where you are doing well and where you need to improve, and focus on what really interests you for the success of your website.

But we must also take into account, in terms of important content marketing objectives, the most intangible such as our readers’ satisfaction. And we must think what we want to provoke in them with our contents, that is, what we want to achieve for them. That can be, for example, keep them informed, have fun, help them, motivate them, etc. So we have to know what we want to delight in, so we can choose well the type of content that will be most useful, with the main objective of the experience you have with our content is satisfactory.

We can measure the success of content by checking things like the time readers spend on them, or the number of readers who leave the page without surfing the web. Then we can also take into account other factors such as virality in social networks, the comments that each content receives and the activity that the user performs within the content, that is, where he presses, where he focuses his attention or how he acts.


28 September, 2017

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