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How to choose attractive topics to create content


You’re ready! You have chosen your source and now you are looking at a blank screen. What are you supposed to write about?

For the success of your search engine is crucial to make good content, but there is a problem, as you have to regularly update the web and social networks of the company, the process becomes tedious because you run out of ideas. The more you update your blog with new content, the more search engines will recognize your site as relevant. It seems simple, but in reality it is not.

If you have discovered that generating ideas to create content is difficult, you are not the only one. The choice of topics is one of the most important content marketing techniques, so it is useful to have a process. Here are some ideas that can help you when writing your next post.

Who is your audience on the web?

Without this step, the rest does not matter. In the content marketing language, we call the audience like “Buyer Persona“, which is the person who wants to read your blog and see your website. If your company sells most of its products or services to small business owners, you should write content aimed at small business owners.

What are the important points?
Now, it’s time to enter the person’s mind. What problem does your audience have to solve? Maybe you offer air conditioning repair services, and for example you would like to connect with people looking for “how to know if your air conditioner is broken.” There is your subject. Since they must be easily digestible for the reader, make sure to choose only one specific problem.

How can you solve your problem?

This is where the writing begins. If you are writing about colds and the flu, you can explain what symptoms require a doctor’s visit. If you are writing about staying in good shape during a snowy winter, you could list the best exercises to do at home. If you are writing a publication about choosing a topic for a blog post, you can list and explain the specific steps that you should follow when choosing a topic.

How to get ideas for a content topic

Here are some tips on how to get ideas for your publications on the web:

  • Request feedback from others: It could be in the form of what they want to learn or what challenges they face. There is always something about your subject that others want to learn. It’s about getting them to ask you. A good example of this is the article you are reading now, because it was inspired by a reader’s question. A new content manager may not have an audience yet on his blog, but he can ask questions on forums and community sites to see what others want to read and learn. Sometimes, you do not even have to ask the question. Just listen to other people’s conversations to see what they need, what their problems are.
  • Be active in your niche: You must actively participate in your sector, follow the latest news and trends, being active in your niche has many advantages. Make sure you subscribe to the best blogs and stay up to date with the latest news in your industry. This alone can provide you with more ideas than you need.
  • Stay up to date with the social networks of your industry: Monitor Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and any other important social network that people use in your industry. Monitor specific and specific keywords to find out what it is that people are actively discussing and what they would like to know more about.
  • You have to be active in the sites of your community: Visit the category of your sector in places like Quora and you will be surprised at how much people want to know about various topics.
  • Do not limit yourself: There is much more about what you can write about and what you can imagine, but often you will be limited because you can not see beyond the current scope. For example, if you have a web page about web positioning, it is good to talk about marketing and sales because they are things that every professional blogger has to do. If you have a blog about health, it is good to talk about food and physical preparation, because these are critical parts of health.

Keep in mind that in content marketing there are a lot of strategies that you can promote to grow any business. We are in the era of digital and we can assure that currently no successful company is out of digital marketing and the online world.


31 January, 2018

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