What are Buyer Stages and how can they help you generate more sales
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What are Buyer Stages and how can they help you generate more sales

Optimize the effectiveness of content marketing with Buyer Stages.

An indispensable element that must be taken into account in digital marketing.

When talking about digital marketing, reference is made to a wide range of elements, keys, tips, and guidelines that must be taken into account in order to achieve effectiveness during the process and achieve results.

Nowadays, attraction marketing is what is being implemented so that brands and online businesses consolidate a series of results that will depend on the correct execution of a series of strategies and steps that must be carried out gradually.

The idea of ​​attraction marketing is to connect with the customer, not to make the sale, because although this is the ultimate goal, the main thing is to generate confidence and make the potential customer identify with the brand in such a way that there is a deep connection .

Thus, attraction marketing becomes a set of strategies, steps, techniques and even resources available to the brand or entrepreneurs online and whose correct implementation generates a series of business opportunities. In order to implement such a strategy set, good content marketing must be available, since in this way the valuable information that will cause the impact and attraction of the potential client towards our products or services will be transmitted.

General aspects of the Buyer Stages

This time we will talk about certain general aspects that you should know about the Buyer Stages, so that you can apply each of the principles in order to achieve that deep connection with your ideal client and thus generate a conversion.

From the moment in which a user becomes aware of his need until the stage in which he satisfies it, there are a series of phases through which they go through. Except for certain special cases, most users do not know what they want to buy exactly, and if they know it they do not know how to look for it specifically, and if they look for it and find it they do not make the purchase because they do not feel safe. In this sense it is important that the content in social networks as well as the content in the blog, email marketing, on the web, is aimed at capturing the ideal client so that we can provide the support that will allow you to understand the problem they have and their dimensions.

Due to the above, it is normal for users to go through certain stages in a process in which they discover, discard and choose the options they consider convenient.

This path of stages, which users go through, is known as Buyer Stages. The idea for the marketing strategy to work more effectively is to generate content for each of these phases.

Phases that a user goes through to become a brand client

The first phase is that of discovery, when the ideal customer, the buyer, discovers his problem and feels the need to solve it. Although he does not know exactly what the problem is, he becomes aware that he has one.

In the discovery phase, after the user realizes that he has a problem, he begins to look for the causes and solutions of the problem he thinks he has, without the interest of making a purchase, he only wants advice and recommendations in some websites, that you can implement for free.

Within the discovery phase it is very important to have a good SEO position, since it will attract the user who for the moment is just looking for free advice, find the brand page.

This positioning will be achieved through content marketing in which content creators are focused on that goal.

The second phase is that of consideration, and although the user is still not convinced to make the purchase, because he does not know what would be his best choice, consider the solutions he has found in the search engines. It is at this stage that it is totally important for the user to see your brand as the best option among those he found. For this to happen at this stage the brand must be positioned among the first search results as a high value option.

That is why in this phase the brand should not only be positioned among the first places of search, it is also necessary to be shown as an authority and expert, through effective content management, for which it is important to have the tools that facilitate such an objective

The third phase is the decision and in this phase the potential client must be presented with a solution that allows us to attract him to the products or services we offer.

In this phase the conversion is carried out, to then continue the cycle of the Buyer Stage.


30 November, 2017

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