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What is Buyer Persona and how to define it

Buyer Persona in content marketing is the definition of the target of your product or service. It helps you to know and understand your customer, their needs and aspirations much better. With this, we can define specific strategies for those profiles, delivering content that really interests them and converting them into our customers.

Any digital marketing strategy should be based on a well-defined Buyer Persona and developed Buyer’s Stages, through which we will drive our Buyer Persona until he makes a purchase. If you still do not know what they are and how to work on them, in this post about Buyer’s Stages we talk about it.

The goal of having a very detailed Buyer Persona is to be able to offer our target the content of interest for him, thus being more effective in our content marketing strategies and achieving much better conversion rates.

Buyer Persona concept appears for the first time in the 1990s, in Alan Cooper‘s book “The Inmates Are Running the Asylum”, which seeks to better understand the individual aspects, motivations, challenges, needs and concerns of the target of a company through a much closer and individualized method.

This is how the term Buyer Persona appeared, which today has become basic and indispensable to lay the foundations of any project and marketing strategy in which we want to be successful.

What is the Person Buyer?

Buyer Persona is the almost real and highly detailed description of our target, with which we know our customer much better, who he is and what he needs, in short. With that information well used, the goal is to get more accurate in our digital marketing processes. Inbound Marketing generated the concept of Buyer Persona to become popular.

The Buyer Persons’s application in Content Marketing is essential insofar as a perfectly defined Buyer Persona will allow you to build a much more effective marketing strategy.

The Buyer Persona, in short, is the perfect description of the person who buys and will buy your product or service. Therefore, if you will know who the people are that will buy your product or service, do not you think it is extremely useful to work in your Buyer Persona and offer your products and services directly to them without losing more time?


How does the Buyer Persona help your content marketing strategy?

Buyer Persona is the one who will interact with the content that you create and post on your websites. Therefore, you must consider your Buyer Persona at the center of your marketing strategy and as a pillar of everything you do in the strategy.

There are different aspects within your content marketing strategy in which your Buyer Persona is essential to work them.

  • Corporate communication tone
  • Communication tone in your posts and social networks
  • Social networks where your target is located
  • Type of content that must be created and delivered
  • Type of keywords that we will use
  • Phases of the Buyer’s Stages through which our target passes
  • Format of the contents that we publish
  • Type and format of CTA’s and Lead Generation that we offer


How should we define Buyer Persona?

The description of your Buyer Persona has to be very detailed, answering questions and very specific details. Our Buyer Persona must have a full name.

the aspects that should be treated are many and you can do it easily with the help of the Buyer Persona Template that we have prepared and you can download for free. But the most important fields that you should find out about your Buyer Persona are:

  • Name
  • Age and family status
  • Location
  • Current job and salary
  • Her concerns: what is she looking for, what she needs
  • Her motivations: challenges and objectives

We propose some ideas that you can put into practice to get information about your Buyer Persona:

  • Analyze the behavior of the visitors of your website and your current leads. Draw conclusions from common patterns among all of them.
  • Request information that is relevant to define your ideal customer in the forms of your website.
  • Conduct interviews to your target by phone, email or in person and try to find out what their motivations and concerns are.

Working on your Buyer Persona is laying the foundation for a successful marketing strategy. Know well who is your Buyer Persona, go to him, give him what he needs, help him solve his problems and overcome his challenges and you will end up becoming a customer.



3 January, 2018

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