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How to build a content marketing plan

How to build a content marketing plan

The key to making effective content marketing is to draw up a good marketing plan. How can you guarantee the success of the strategies if you do not know what you are going to do and how to measure its success?

Different types of companies need to justify the investments they make in inbound marketing. For these types of marketing tools to be effective, they must have a strategic vision.

What is a content marketing plan?

It is a guide to know what kind of content you have to publish at the right moment and in each of the different digital channels, creating your own marketing strategy based on your objectives you intend to achieve.

With six simple steps you can get good results, regardless of whether you are starting your own business, working in an agency or are responsible for sales or marketing of a company.

——Download the Content Marketing Plan Template ——

How to create a content marketing plan?

To develop a good content marketing strategy you can use different tools, all equally valid. With the following plan you can make the most of your strategy.

Previous analysis

You must analyze your current content marketing plan in relation to four key business indicators. With this you will achieve a strategic vision to define your objectives.

If you carry out a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) you will be able to come up with and determine concrete action plans.

Identification of the Buyer Persona

It is essential to know the tastes, preferences and location of your customers. Learn to define them and download the template to be able to do it in our post about the Buyer Persona. It’s about making a defined marketing campaign that reaches and impacts your target audience. Otherwise you will be losing money.

Choose the right social networks

With the previous analysis and the identification of the Buyer Persona, you have to decide on which social networks you should have a presence.

One of the most common errors is to open different profiles, without analyzing which network is the best to take advantage of and profit from. This could result in a great waste of time and money.

Content creation

You can use the curation technique or create your own content from scratch. Choosing one option or another will depend on the objectives of the content plan and the amount of resources you have available.

– Content curation

It consists of finding, researching and selecting the best content from other companies. This technique can be used as a radar with which to analyze and follow trends and fashions.

Some of the tools used in curating content are Buzzsumo, Feedly or Ahrefs.

– Create your own content

In this case you should know that you will need a greater investment, but you will create a better differentiation between you and your competitors.

You can brainstorm by writing down ideas about a topic and then creating content with those references.

Broadcast plan

You must have a general vision, and then a very detailed one, depending on the content and the digital channel you are going to use.


It is as important to develop an action plan as to calculate the profitability of the contents and the return on the investment.

With all these tips you can start to develop your content marketing plan in a structured and detailed way. If you are consistent and disciplined, good results in lead generation and sales will not be long in coming.


5 April, 2018

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