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How To Be Exceptional With Content Marketing! Software Company Success Story [WEBINAR]

Marketing Success story: How one software company increased revenue by 20%!


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Why Content Marketing?

Content marketing generates increased web traffic, leads and a continuous supply of increasing sales. Content marketing is really all about capturing the attention of our customers and building a relationship with your leads by way of great storytelling in contrast to traditional outbound marketing. We are attracting readers attention by reeling them in to us through the value of the information we offer when they do an organic search. All in one platforms allow for organized and structured workflows generating greater control over content creation and creating new content, covering your buyer journey while increasing revenue.


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The Case Study

In this webinar I will be studying how a software company overcame the lack of alignment and disorganization their marketing team was facing due to a lack of marketing strategy. A marketing strategy is a marketer’s road-map, to achieving company objectives, be it sales growth, worldwide brand recognition, or higher market penetration. It is, therefore, essential to have an organized team that is working together and producing marketing campaigns that stand out. To do this they must understand the marketing objectives, strategies and tactics if they want to gain a competitive advantage. A well-defined and structured strategy, that is followed by your team will also increase sales and profits, improve the effectiveness of your marketing message and create consumer preference for your brand.

This software company in question also lacked clear vision of what content was being produced for which stages of the funnel and therefore, weren’t clear as to the purpose of each content piece. they had trouble defining if a specific content piece was set out to increase web traffic, online registrations, downloads or boost sales.

How Did They Do It?

The initiative was taken to implement an all in one content marketing platform. They decided that a centralized and visual place was needed where the whole team could go to tackle all campaigns and projects as well as define the buyer persona and create a content hub. This helped the team manage each step of the planning, executing and analysis stage of each project, coordinate every detail and ensure that all the buying stages were accounted for.  Their results led to an amazing increase in productivity and sales. Watch on to find out the details. Webinar presented by Alexandra Cowen US Manager, forMarketer


Watch the Webinar Now!


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Software Company success story forMarketer


10 September, 2018

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