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7 Easy Hacks to Make Content Marketing Work for Your ABM Strategy [WEBINAR]

ABM Content marketing strategy


Account based marketing

ABM is all about knowing your B2B high value accounts and targeting these with great precision and research. Something that often seems easier said than done. The key, is to ensure content reaches these accounts in a personalized manner. The more you can align your solutions to the way your target accounts want to buy, the more identified these will feel with your company, giving you the opportunity to nurture a business relationship with them.

Making content marketing work for your account-based marketing strategy is no easy task unless you have a clear roadmap of what lies ahead and a vision of where you are headed.

The following webinar by Alexandra Cowen draws up 7 easy to follow hacks for your ABM campaign.

It details:

  • What account-based marketing is
  • An understanding of why ABM works for any business, no matter the size.
  • How to customise for your accounts, and create a personalised user experience.
  • How to adapt your content for it in 7 very easy hacks.

Content focus is the absolute key in any marketing strategy no matter the size of your company. With ABM we need to scale up and personalize it on a different level, learning how to adjust our value proposition to meet with our target accounts identified. Remember, here we are doing things on our accounts terms, not ours.

Watch the webinar to find out how!


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11 September, 2018

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