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When we talk about Content Managers, are not just talking about an editor, a writer or someone who handles the techniques of persuasion through writing. If we incorporate a Content Manager into our team under these assumptions, we are limiting the team and reducing the possibilities of having greater effectiveness through the content.

A Content Manager is more like a juggler, and not because he has to be on a tightrope constantly, but rather because of his ability to handle himself under pressure and cover all the needs that may arise in the middle of the planning, management, creation and publication process and analysis of all the content. They are usually geniuses of content, as long as they have the resources to make magic.

That’s why a good Content Manager, besides writing and using persuasion techniques in the content to attract and achieve engagement with the target audience, must also know how to build strategies, implement, analyze and correct them during the progress.

A good Content Manager not only seeks to provide valuable information, this is just the tip of the iceberg, he also seeks to have a positive effect on the target audience and lead them towards the product or service that the company offers. In this way, the user is introduced into the flow of the company’s purchasing process, providing the user with the appropriate content at the right time, pushing them through the different phases until the purchase of the product or service. Therefore, the goal of a Content Manager is that content management has to be effective and generate leads and sales for the company.

Now, it is true that we have described the work of a Content Manager as something that is very difficult to perform, in which one must have extraordinary abilities to survive. However there are certain ways to increase the productivity of the Content Manager and we must know them to in order to provide conditions that will benefit the team and therefore benefit the company and the provision of services.

There are many ways of increasing the productivity of a Content Manager using various techniques. Here we will present 5 different tools to achieve this goal:

1. Different and interactive content

Creating different and interactive content is an important and necessary aspect to keep the user focused and interested in the content constantly. If the content is monotonous, if the topics are always the same, users will lose interest until they no longer invest time in the content we deliver. That is why it is important to be creative, to write about different and current topics. Using visual resources in the content can also help you to be different and capture the attention of the reader.

Although the content should always focus on relevant issues that relate to our product or service, you should always try to make it relate to the reader. Content should be generated with which users can interact and Canva is very useful tool for doing this. It iss a tool with which you can generate interactive content, with templates that facilitate the creation of banners, infographics, designs and much more.

This can improve the effectiveness of a Content Manager, giving access to options for the creation of creative content, keeping users interested and increasing the possibilities of attraction and loyalty to the product or service.

2. Facilitate the multichannel task

The multi-channel task can be one of a Content Manager’s biggest concerns, because the distribution of content is one of the tasks that consumes the most time. However, it is a necessary task, as the diffusion of the content depends on visits to our website. Therefore, we can not stop giving importance to this task, because it is an essential process in any content marketing strategy.

A good way to be more productive is to provide a Content Manager with tools that allow sheduling of the publication and distribution of content. In that sense, an ideal tool for that is Hoosuite. It’s interfaces are completely visual, and it is considered a powerful tool to program the publication of content to many channels, making it very effective for this task.

3. Help with the creation of thematic lists

The topics that are addressed for the creation of content is another of the fundamental tasks for a Content Manager. If he does not have a tool to manage these topics, it could take longer to devise both the strategies and the schedules of work and implementation. Therefore, a tool that facilitates this task could increase the effectiveness of a Content Manager.

That’s why we suggest using, an excellent tool with which you can create thematic lists and then share content on social networks, on your own website, e-mail marketing and even share in digital newspapers.

4. Manage teamwork

It is true that, managing a marketing team can be a complicated task if a tool that facilitates this task is not used. In content marketing, teams are often misaligned, a lot of times not all team members know the strategy, communication is scattered and content management is not carried out effectively. This is because too many tools are used daily to manage everything resulting in a loss productivity.

In this sense, forMarketer is an excellent tool to avoid this problem. It helps you to manage the entire marketing team from one place, assigning tasks and deadlines, allowing internal communication, supervising and approving the content that is created. In addition, it is also allows us to distribute and obtain metrics of each piece of content created and published on our social networks and websites.

5. Measure the most effective contents

It is not about allowing a Content Manager to just sit back and wait while the tools do the work, all the tools require a user to manage, understand and analyze them so that the necessary corrections can be made in the marketing strategies and improve its effectiveness. Facilitating the work of the Content Manager will ensure that it focuses on the results and with Google Analytics you will be able to analyze the metrics and kpi’s of your marketing strategies, obtain results of the content that generate more attraction and obtain a greater conversion, allowing you to focus on what works best and change what does not work.

Providing your Content Manager with these types of tools will make him more productive, and will have a positive effect on the productivity of the entire marketing team. Marketing strategies will improve their effectiveness and the results obtained in visits, conversions and sales will cause the company to experience high growth in the future.


10 January, 2018

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