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5 tools to save time creating your content

It does not matter if you are an editor, blogger or have an agency dedicated to online marketing, likewise this article will serve you a lot. Thousands of people go to the internet in search of information, entertainment or simply for leisure, the vast majority of these users are not willing to read lots of boring paragraphs where there is nothing that catches their attention, this is where content marketing was born.

Content marketing is necessary within any company, with the increase in accessibility to the internet and the great advantage that this tool gives to businesses, many people have decided to implement digital strategies to attract customers.

In this sense, some entrepreneurs decided to offer services that help companies increase their profits, these services are linked to what we call online marketing.

Anywhere on the Internet you can find extensive information on how important it is to have good content on your website and the essential thing is to constantly update each post so that the web is kept up to date, it seems like a simple task, right?

Well, in any case you can notice that this is not the case, because creating content for blogs, web pages or social networks is not easy, apart from having to write strategically, you must also have updated content, so the editors should be in constant work.
Time is a fundamental factor in these cases, in each writing is spent a lot of time, fortunately some developers have worked seriously to solve this problem and create marketing software, among these are those directed towards the content part.

Next we will tell you which are the five tools that will save you time in the creation of contents.

1. AtomicWriter

His name tells us all “automatic writing” (in Spanish). This software connects to Google Analytics and your social networks, which allows you to analyze your content and guide you on how to improve it and where to do it. The most outstanding feature of this tool is that it allows you to know the profiles of your users and their knowledge in order to speed up the traffic of visits from your blog or website.

2. 750 Words

With this tool no doubt any writer can grow professionally, although it seems a funny thing that this software puts a challenge to write a post (referring to what you want) of 750 is something very different to how to optimize content from other tools. But the most interesting thing is that at the end, this program shows you the time you spent writing the 750 words, as quality is not about time, the software also makes a grade according to how good your writing is.

3. Help me write

It is normal for any writer to feel at some point without ideas and not find how to start making a certain post, in this case there is no need to be alarmed, you may be able to shout Help Me! And someone will listen to you. This software can add the ideas you have to share with your friends, there may also be different recommendations on articles that your users may want to read, so apart from helping you start the post will also ensure that you will have readers as soon as you post your content.

4. ZenPen

If they tell you to put your mind in white right now, you will not be able to. And human beings are very easy to distract with anything, no matter what we are doing, there will always be something that will distract us even if we try to avoid it. In the same way happens with the content writers, any small distraction makes you forget the ideas you had, but there is a solution for it, it is ZenPen, a program that allows you to create texts and edit them without any distraction nearby, also offers as alternative functions, you can add links and stylize texts.

5. Content Ideator

Although for those who do not write is the simplest, for those who do it is the most difficult part and I speak of the title of the article. Any company can approach to ask for services to boost their brand through content marketing, but that company only gives you information about it but (as in most cases) they do not talk about the titles of the items they need , this is where you can go to this marketing software, in which you can enter keywords so that it will show you a certain number of titles for articles that you can position on the web.

These and other tools can help you when you no longer have ideas or simply to save time, because as we said at the beginning writing a post needs a considered time.


20 December, 2017

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