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5 secrets to optimize your B2B content

Content marketing is perfect for B2B companies, discover how to implement it.

If you are dedicated to the sale of products or services to companies, and not to final consumers, then you should know that content marketing is the solution to achieve positioning among your audience, that is, among the companies that can and expect to buy what you offer.
The implementation of the content to attract clients at a professional level, such as solid companies with trajectories, that merit services or products to continue providing their own services under high quality standards, is one of the most effective actions in this field. And that’s the statistics attest.
In 2016 alone, 88% of B2B companies implemented content marketing to attract customers, while 76% of companies that are directed to the final consumer also implemented it. This tells us that content marketing has a high value among B2B companies, and is being recognized as even more effective in this area.
Another important statistical data in relation to 2016 is that 51% of companies increased their content marketing budget while only 3% decided to deduct the investment. This tells us that B2B content is booming and must be for the results it provides.
But for B2B content to work for you, you need to know the secrets in the implementation that will allow you to implement this content marketing strategy effectively, and achieve the results you want. Next we will share 5 of these secrets that are implemented at a professional level to make B2B Content work according to the objectives of your company.

Secret # 1: Improve your B2B content with tools to learn trends

Regardless of the sector in which you develop, you must know the trends in relation to the product or service you offer to other companies. This influences B2B content planning, since it allows you to optimize it according to the occasion. To achieve this goal you will be useful Google Trends, it could also serve you a tool like Google Search Console. Taking into account these tools you can better plan your B2B content.

Secret # 2: Increase your effort for SEO positioning

Positioning is key to achieving your goals through B2B content, which is why you need to increase your effort to position yourself among the first search results. It works in attracting the attention of the search engines and achieve indexing. You must take into account that when it comes to content aimed at companies, you need to have more consistency and even patience for positioning.

Secret # 3: Use the keywords

Take into account the keywords, again insist on the use of tools, and for the case of the study of the keywords we recommend Google Keyword Planner, which will allow you to compare the results. Develop a keyword scheme that allows you to optimize both titles, meta descriptions, and the content of your page.

Secret # 4: Do not forget about social networks

If you think that for your B2B content is enough with the publication in the blog or the web, and you do not need the support of social networks, you are committing a serious error that deprives you of improving your results through the content. It is very common to think that they are not needed, or that it is enough to have a presence on Linkedin.
However, one of the secrets to optimize your B2B content is to cover as many social networks as possible with your content. This is because you will be increasing the range to get a client. Remember that companies also have presence in social networks, so you should worry about capturing them in all environments.

Secret # 5: Do not limit valuable information

Believing that keeping secrets related to your products or services for other companies will cause curiosity and increase your conversions, is a serious error. Globalization has allowed access to all kinds of information, and what you deny in your B2B content companies will find in the content of other companies, and this will play against you. For while you limit the information, others show everything they can do for their potential customers and have a greater possibility of recruitment and conversion.

Share valuable information in your B2B content and you will see how to optimize it and improve your results.
These are the 5 secrets that we currently share with you, implement them now and start enjoying the results of an optimized B2B content, if you want to get more advice or services related to content marketing, do not hesitate to write us, we are ready to help you.


6 December, 2017

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