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5 practical examples of Artificial Intelligence applied to content marketing

Artificial Intelligence is already part of the content marketing process

With these examples you will know how you have been using Artificial Intelligence in your content marketing and how you can best use it

Artificial Intelligence has come and goes without brake. We are not aware, but especially in the processes of content marketing, Artificial Intelligence is very relevant and is constantly being applied.

More and more resources are available to design our content campaigns, or to write articles, make tutorials, create images and these many resources are based on the philosophy of Artificial Intelligence.

Here we bring you 5 clear examples of when you apply Artificial Intelligence in your content marketing process, and if you are not yet here we leave you these 5 examples, we encourage you to make use of these resources to optimize your content and achieve better results .

With the Artificial Intelligence tools, not only your content strategies will be more effective, but you will also be able to carry out the tasks related to the process of creation, publication and content optimization with greater ease.

Artificial Intelligence for the creation of Buyer Persona

The Person Buyer is one of the main elements for the creation of content. If the ideal customer, target audience, target or Buyer Person is defined correctly, all content marketing could be effective, since it will be written with the characteristics of a specific type of customer in mind. The question is how to define the characteristics of the type of client that fits our brand?

The answer lies in Artificial Intelligence and it is one of the examples of how it is applied to make content marketing work. There are intelligent programs that allow defining the model of Buyer Person that corresponds to a brand, they work with an algorithm that allows them to create based on data such as shopping habits, geographical location, reference sources, personal data, digital interactions and everything related to the lifestyle of the potential client. When we use these programs to obtain our buyer persona, we are applying Artificial Intelligence in our content marketing.

Content performance analysis

This is another example of the intervention of Artificial Intelligence in the process of content marketing. When we resort to tools to analyze the effectiveness of content and verify statistics, we are making use of the virtues of Artificial Intelligence and data processing.

An example of this type of tools is Quill, which generates in a single second a Google Analytics report, offering mobile data, detailing the variants that generate revenue increases in specific marketing campaigns, which in turn helps optimize marketing of contents taking into account the results of the reports or performance analysis of the content.

Predictive Intelligence is another example of Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing

Artificial Intelligence surprises with the ability of its algorithms to deliver content to users in a personalized way and thus anticipate trends. This capacity is known as Predictive Intelligence and is part of the content marketing processes. With tools based on this technology, the content is optimized since it will allow the promotion of services or products to be specifically aimed at potential clients according to their history and behavioral habits.

Therefore, Artificial Intelligence allows content marketing to be applied to the prospects who will really see in the content the value information that they want to show.

Facial recognition for a more effective branded content

Another of the Artificial Intelligence programs that serve as an example in terms of its application in content marketing has to do with the advantages of the intelligent facial recognition function, through which a program electronically recognizes the face of a user through the profile and whenever you visit the web to acquire a new product, the program will initiate a relationship with the user from your visit generating notifications to this user, that is, selecting specific content for the client according to the acknowledgment made.

The management of content marketing through email marketing

This is the fifth and final example of how Artificial Intelligence is applied in content marketing. When you use, for example, the autoresponders, to program the sending of emails and make use of the statistics, as well as allowing the program to be responsible for analyzing the behavior of users in relation to their reactions with each email, they are examples of how artificial intelligence intervenes in the process of content marketing.


8 November, 2017

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