10 Arguments to convince your boss of the importance of content marketing
The Future of Content

10 Arguments to convince your boss of the importance of content marketing

The way you sell has changed and your boss must know

Know the reasons why large companies make use of content marketing

Content marketing is one of the resources that should not be missing in the digital companies that want to achieve, in addition to a good positioning and web presence, to provoke an ideal flow of customers. It is also of great benefit to the physical companies, since through Internet there is more possibility to capture potential clients and increase the number of sales.
But suppose you are not the owner of the company, physical or digital, and your boss is resistant to change and innovative strategies, how can you convince him of the importance of content marketing?
Here are 10 convincing arguments with which you can convince your boss, however skeptical, of the importance of digital marketing for the welfare of the company:

With content marketing you become an authority

Sales occur when potential customer customers feel secure taking the step toward purchase. For this to happen, you must feel that you will invest your money in the service or product offered by an expert in the field. If for example you have an illness you do not go to the hardware store, you are looking for the specialist because you have authority in that matter and will give you the solution you are needing.
Content marketing will help you show the authority of the business or company regarding what it offers, and this means more flow of customer. Surely, it’s a reason that could convince your boss.

It is an effective way to build trust

Content marketing generates trust in your potential customers, this is critical in the sales process. A customer who does not trust you, your company, your business, the products and / or services you offer, will not risk buying you, and if you do you will have prejudices against the purchase and it is probable that by arrangement the experience be negative. Tell your boss that the equation for success in sales includes trust, and content marketing is ideal for generating it.

Lower advertising costs

Reduce costs, in any of the areas of the company, without this affecting the results, is an action that will interest your boss. With content marketing you can present a timely cost reduction in advertising, supplanting some advertising packages for a content publishing plan.

Increased positioning

Content marketing is an ideal tool or resource for SEO positioning, which is necessary to be able to have a good reputation and a good place in search results increasing the chances of attracting customers.

Attraction of target audience

Attracting public and target audience is not the same. Having a large audience in social networks or a good traffic in the web, but that the users that comprise it are not objectives, it restrains possibilities of conversion. Content marketing is based on pillars that include precise targeting of your target audience. This increases sales possibilities. Something that no doubt interests your boss.

Content marketing is measurable and practical

We do not say that it is simple to implement, but with good advice and very affordable costs, you can do it, the results are worthwhile and justify the investment. It is measurable, since there are tools that allow analyzing the effect of the content, and thus adjust the marketing campaigns and the content of the same.

Increased traffic, greater possibilities

Increasing the web traffic of the company or business, or the online store should be one of the fundamental objectives, more traffic equals more sales possibilities. If you implement a good marketing of content will be more likely to be indexed by search engines and thus achieve better positioning and generate more traffic. And when implementing content marketing, you will have the advantage that we have said previously, and that is that traffic will be targeted.

Content is ideal for customer loyalty

Surely your boss does not want occasional sales, but keep a constant flow, with the marketing of content you can keep customers loyal, which means that you will buy regularly.

Increases credibility

The content allows to show how expert and how well the company handles issues of interest to potential customers. If the content is good, value and well-managed then it will increase credibility and potential customers will be more susceptible to buy.

Content marketing is not just written content

This is another argument with which you can convince your boss. Since content marketing does not mean constant content writing. So it does not have to be monotonous. You can alternate between written content, videos, images, infographics, and even marketing campaigns with Leads Marketing. So tell your boss that there are multiple variations with which to work.

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29 October, 2017

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