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Content marketing strategy

Frequent problems: no clear strategy, confusion with too many tools and people, lack of use and recognition of the content value for the company (especially for the sales department), inefficient content, high investment in campaigns with low conversion rates (traditional landing pages), long content cycle means long sales cycle.

Services included in this consulting pack:

  • Components of the business pitch. Keywords map. Buyer persona definition. Buyer journey. Content needs for each stage of the journey.
  • Content for marketing campaigns (seo, ads, demand generation, inbound, social media, email marketing), sales campaigns (SDRs, account executives, key account executives) customer success, account-based marketing and other departments (product, support, training).
  • Content organization and access. Content types and channels. Content calendar. Marketing and sales stacks.

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Content marketing operations

Frequent problems: confusion with so many tools and people.

Services included in this consulting pack:

  • Initial audit
  • Goals setting
  • Content team organization
  • Content production workflow

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ABM strategy

Frequent problems: confusion about how to do it, how to use inbound foundations to build ABM, how to align sales and marketing.

This consulting pack includes:

  • 10 steps to start an ABM program;
  • ABM process definition and reach (marketing, sales, customer success)
  • Ideal customer profile definition
  • Team organization
  • Tech stack

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ABM Implementation

Frequent problems: confusion about how to do it

  • Selection of target accounts.
  • Creation of content paths.
  • Tracking engagement.
  • Retargeting.
  • Marketing and sales coordination.
  • How to empower your current marketing and sales stack.

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Content Personalization Strategy

Frequent problems:

This consulting pack includes:

  • Personalization strategy.
  • Roles and permissions in the personalization strategy.
  • Content repository and content paths.
  • Content path creation.
  • Personalization levels (topic, vertical, company).
  • Tips to improve the efficiency creating content path (content blocks, templates and cloning).

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Uses of content paths

Frequent problems: lack of use cases.

This consulting pack includes:

  • Content paths for marketing campaigns: seo, ads, demand generation, inbound, social media, email marketing.
  • Content paths for sales campaigns: SDRs, account executives, key account executives.
  • Content paths for customer success.
  • Content paths for other departments: product, support, training.

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ABM for SaaS companies

Frequent problems: confusion about introducing ABM in a SaaS company.

This consulting pack includes:

  • Analysis: why ABM is more profitable for SaaS companies.
  • How ABM impacts the main KPIs of SaaS companies: CAC, LTV, churn, deal size, sales cycle.

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Main metrics for content, ABM and personalization

Frequent problem: confusion about what are the main metrics to track.

This consulting pack includes:

  • Content metrics dashboard.
  • Content path metrics dashboard.
  • ABM metrics dashboard.

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